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3D Video Series

Increasing awareness and sales of SafeSmart Access's work platforms

The Work Platforms marketing campaign delivered impressive results over its 4-month duration through digital marketing channels

ClientSafeSmart AccessScopePre-production, post-production, and strategic digital campaign organisation for a series of short 3D videosDate2020AuthorThomas RolfePlaylistFull Simplify Your Site PlaylistShare

SafeSmart Access, a leader in providing innovative height access solutions, sought to visually demonstrate the practical applications and benefits of its products in the construction environment. The “Simplify Your Site” video series was envisioned as a way to engage customers and showcase product utility in an informative and visually appealing format.


  • Creating detailed 3D animations that accurately represent SafeSmart Access products and their application in real-world construction scenarios.
  • Ensuring each video is informative, engaging, and concise enough to maintain viewer interest across digital platforms.
  • Organising the video series into effective digital campaigns that maximise reach and viewer engagement on various channels.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing implemented a comprehensive approach to meet these objectives:

  • Pre-Production Planning: Worked closely with SafeSmart Access to identify key products and scenarios for the video series, outlining scripts and storyboards that highlight product benefits and applications.
  • 3D Animation and Post-Production: Utilised advanced 3D animation techniques to create realistic representations of SafeSmart Access products in use on construction sites. Post-production efforts focused on enhancing visual appeal and ensuring clear communication of product features and benefits.
  • Digital Campaign Organization: Strategically organised the videos into targeted digital campaigns, scheduling releases across SafeSmart Access’s digital channels, including social media, email newsletters, and the company website, to ensure optimal visibility and engagement.
  • Engagement Tracking and Optimisation: Monitored viewer engagement and feedback across channels to refine and optimise ongoing and future campaign strategies, ensuring content resonated with the target audience and supported business objectives.

Results: The “Simplify Your Site” 3D video series achieved remarkable success:

  • The videos provided clear, engaging demonstrations of SafeSmart Access products, leading to enhanced product understanding and customer engagement.
  • Strategic campaign organisation and targeted distribution resulted in high viewer engagement across digital channels, with positive feedback on the content’s informational and visual quality.
  • The series effectively supported SafeSmart Access’s marketing goals, contributing to increased brand visibility and reinforcing the company’s position as an industry leader in innovative access solutions.
  • Viewer insights and engagement metrics from the campaign informed future content and marketing strategies, fostering a cycle of continuous improvement and audience connection.

Conclusion: The “Simplify Your Site” video series exemplifies how targeted 3D animation and strategic digital marketing can powerfully convey product value and practical applications, engaging customers and enhancing brand visibility. By showcasing SafeSmart Access products in realistic construction scenarios, Rolfe Marketing helped SafeSmart Access not only to demonstrate its commitment to safety and efficiency but also to connect with its audience in a meaningful and impactful way. This case study highlights the effectiveness of combining technical animation expertise with strategic digital campaign planning to achieve marketing success.

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