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Brand Identity and Visual Language

Building the RSGx Brand - From Startup to Industry Leader

Develop a comprehensive brand identity for RSGx, transforming the early startup into a recognisable and successful multi-million dollar business.

ClientResource Services Group (RSGx)Date2019AuthorThomas RolfeScopeBrand identity and visual language development, production of physical marketing collateral, and continuous creative agency support across various mediums.Share

RSGx, a budding startup in 2019 in the competitive mechanical and electrical construction and engineering sector, sought to establish a strong brand presence that reflected its expertise, values, and vision. The challenge was not only to differentiate RSGx from its competitors but also to create a cohesive brand identity that would scale with the company’s rapid growth.


  • Developing a unique brand identity and visual language that resonates with stakeholders and clients in the engineering and construction industry.
  • Creating a wide range of physical marketing collateral to support sales and brand visibility efforts.
  • Ensuring the brand identity is flexible enough to be applied across both digital and traditional marketing channels.
  • Providing continuous, dynamic creative support to match the evolving needs of a rapidly growing business.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing employed a holistic approach to brand development for RSGx:

  • Brand Identity and Visual Language: Worked closely with RSGx stakeholders to develop a brand identity that accurately reflects the company’s ethos, services, and market positioning. This included creating a distinctive logo, colour scheme, typography, and visual elements that form the foundation of the brand’s visual language.
  • Physical Marketing Collateral: Designed and produced a broad array of physical marketing materials, including brochures, case study one-pagers, business cards, and banners. These materials were crafted to ensure consistency with the newly established brand identity and to communicate RSGx’s offerings and successes effectively.
  • Ongoing Creative Support: Established a framework for providing continuous creative support, enabling RSGx to adapt its marketing efforts in real-time. This included asset creation for both digital (social media, website, email marketing) and traditional (print advertising, direct mail) channels, ensuring a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints.
  • Collaborative Process: Engaged in a collaborative process with RSGx’s team throughout the brand development journey, ensuring that the evolving needs and insights of the business were incorporated into creative strategies and outputs.

Results: The comprehensive branding strategy and ongoing creative support yielded significant results for RSGx:

  • Successfully established a strong, cohesive brand identity that has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the mechanical and electrical construction and engineering industry.
  • The physical marketing collateral has been instrumental in enhancing brand visibility and supporting business development efforts, contributing to RSGx’s transformation into a multi-million dollar enterprise.
  • The continuous support of the creative agency has enabled RSGx to maintain a dynamic and engaging brand presence across both digital and traditional mediums, adapting to market changes and opportunities.
  • RSGx has reported increased brand recognition, client engagement, and business growth as a direct result of the branding and marketing strategies implemented.

Conclusion: The branding journey of RSGx, from an early startup to a leading name in the construction and engineering sector, exemplifies the power of strategic brand development and creative collaboration. Rolfe Marketing’s comprehensive approach to branding, coupled with continuous support across various marketing channels, has not only defined RSGx’s identity but has also propelled the company towards remarkable growth and success. This case study underscores the critical role of cohesive branding and flexible, ongoing creative support in building a strong foundation for business expansion and market leadership.

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