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Website Redevelopment & Brand Identity

Revitalising Transparent Solar Solutions' Online Presence

Overhaul Transparent Solar Solutions’ website for improved functionality, lead generation, and brand coherence.

ClientTransparent Solar SolutionsDate2023AuthorThomas RolfeScopeWebsite redevelopment, brand and visual identity development, content migration and SEO optimisation, with a focus on generating leads and improving SERP rankings.Share

Transparent Solar Solutions, a prominent solar energy installation company, faced challenges with its online presence due to an underperforming website and ineffective SEO practices. The company was not achieving the desired results in terms of lead generation and online visibility, particularly as a Platinum Enphase installer.


  • Redeveloping a website that was not only on brand but also optimised for lead generation and search engine visibility.
  • Establishing a cohesive brand look and messaging strategy that accurately represented Transparent Solar Solutions’ expertise and partnership with Enphase.
  • Implementing an SEO strategy that would increase visibility in SERPs and generate leads from targeted local areas.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing devised a comprehensive strategy to address these needs:

  • Website Redevelopment: Migrated the existing website content to WordPress and completely redeveloped all pages, adding new ones to enhance user experience and lead generation capabilities. The redesign focused on aligning the website with the newly developed brand identity and ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Brand and Visual Identity Development: Collaborated with Transparent Solar Solutions to create a cohesive visual identity and messaging strategy. This process involved aligning the company’s online presence with its status as a Platinum Enphase installer and emphasising its authority in the solar energy industry.
  • SEO Best Practices: Applied SEO best practices throughout the website redevelopment process, including in the written content, to ensure the site was optimised for search engines from the outset. A unique SEO strategy was also implemented to target local areas, aiming to increase leads from specific locations.
  • Ongoing SEO and Content Strategy: Continued to refine and adjust the SEO strategy post-launch, focusing on keywords and content that resonated with their target audience and reflected the company’s expertise and services.

Results: The strategic overhaul of Transparent Solar Solutions’ website and SEO practices led to immediate and tangible outcomes:

  • A significant improvement in online presence, with the website quickly climbing in SERP rankings and becoming more visible to potential customers.
  • Consistent generation of leads through website forms and phone calls, week over week, indicating a successful redesign and SEO strategy.
  • The company’s messaging now effectively reflects its prestigious status as a Platinum Enphase installer and its industry authority, strengthening its brand in the solar energy market.
  • The targeted SEO strategy for local areas resulted in an uptick in leads from desired locations, demonstrating the effectiveness of location-based optimization.

Conclusion: The transformation of Transparent Solar Solutions’ online presence through website redevelopment and strategic SEO implementation exemplifies the power of a cohesive digital strategy. By focusing on brand coherence, user experience, and targeted SEO practices, Rolfe Marketing successfully positioned Transparent Solar Solutions as a leader in the solar energy industry, significantly enhancing its lead generation capabilities and online visibility. This case study underscores the critical importance of aligning digital presence with brand identity and industry status to achieve business growth and success.

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