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Custom Product Builder Website Implementation

Enhancing E-commerce Experience with Custom Kit Builder

Enhance the Cobrapparel website by implementing new technologies, including a custom kit builder for apparel

ClientCobrapparelDate2022AuthorThomas RolfeScopeImplementation of a custom kit builder tool, integration of third-party software, and the rollout of a headwear range specifically targeted at the Australian market.Share

Cobrapparel, a prominent apparel brand, sought to innovate its online shopping experience by introducing a custom kit builder on its website. This feature was aimed at enabling customers to design their custom apparel, providing a unique and personalised shopping experience. Additionally, Cobrapparel planned to expand its product offerings by introducing a headwear range to the Australian audience.


  • Developing a user-friendly custom kit builder that seamlessly integrates with Cobrapparel’s existing website infrastructure.
  • Implementing third-party software to enhance the website’s functionality without compromising performance.
  • Successfully launching and marketing the new headwear range to the Australian market.
  • Ensuring the new features and product range leads to a positive impact on customer satisfaction and reduce the workload for Cobrapparel’s customer service team.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing devised a comprehensive strategy to address these objectives:

  • Custom Kit Builder: Collaborated with web developers and UX/UI designers to develop and integrate a custom kit builder into the Cobrapparel website. The tool was designed to be intuitive, allowing customers to easily design their apparel with a wide range of templates and customisation options.
  • Third-Party Software Integration: Identified and integrated relevant third-party software to support the custom kit builder and enhance the overall e-commerce experience. This included software for design previews, order management, and customer support.
  • Headwear Range Launch: Developed a targeted marketing campaign to introduce the new headwear range to the Australian market. The campaign utilised social media, email marketing, and on-site promotions to generate excitement and drive sales.
  • User Experience and Feedback: Monitored user interactions with the new features and collected feedback to continuously improve the custom kit builder and the shopping experience on the website.

Results: The implementation of the custom kit builder and the launch of the headwear range resulted in significant achievements for Cobrapparel:

  • The custom kit builder was met with enthusiastic reception from customers, leading to a substantial uptake in custom-designed apparel orders.
  • The integration of third-party software enhanced website functionality, improving the user experience without compromising site performance.
  • The headwear range successfully penetrated the Australian market, contributing to an overall increase in product diversity and sales.
  • The new website features significantly reduced the workload of Cobrapparel’s customer service team by providing customers with self-service options for customisation and design, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: The strategic enhancements to the Cobrapparel website, including the custom kit builder and the launch of a new headwear range, effectively elevated the brand’s online presence and customer engagement. By leveraging technology and targeted marketing, Cobrapparel not only expanded its product offerings but also streamlined the customer shopping experience, demonstrating the value of innovation in the competitive apparel industry. This case study exemplifies how integrating user-centric features and expanding product lines can significantly impact customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


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