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Hubspot CRM implementation

ACT! CRM Migration to HubSpot

SafeSmart Access, a leading provider in the construction and height access equipment industry, sought to modernise its customer relationship management (CRM) system to improve operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness, and customer engagement.


  • Ensuring a seamless transition from ACT! to HubSpot without disrupting ongoing marketing activities.
  • Cleaning and organising extensive marketing contact data for optimised use in HubSpot.
  • Migrating email subscriptions and designing within the new system without loss of functionality or design integrity.
  • Managed the domain and ensured all systems were integrated smoothly.
  • Coordinating with HubSpot’s implementation team and internal stakeholders to align the migration process with business goals.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing spearheaded the CRM migration project with a comprehensive strategy that encompassed:

  • Project Management: Orchestrated the migration timeline, stakeholder communications, and task delegation to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Data Cleanup: Conducted a thorough audit and cleanup of marketing contacts to enhance data quality and usability in HubSpot.
  • Email Migration and Design: Seamlessly migrated email subscriptions and designs, preserving the integrity and effectiveness of marketing communications.
  • Data Organization: Reorganized data within HubSpot for improved accessibility, segmentation, and marketing automation capabilities.
  • Marketing Area Curation: Customized the marketing area of HubSpot to align with SafeSmart Access’s unique needs and marketing strategies.
  • Domain Management: Ensured a smooth transition of domain settings to maintain website functionality and email deliverability.
  • Liaison with HubSpot: Collaborated closely with HubSpot’s implementation team, Kongo, to tailor the CRM setup to SafeSmart Access’s requirements.
  • Super Admin Role: Assumed the role of Super Admin for the Australian team, providing leadership in the adoption and optimization of HubSpot functionalities.

Results: The CRM migration project led by Rolfe Marketing resulted in a fully integrated and optimized HubSpot environment that enhanced SafeSmart Access’s marketing capabilities, data management, and team collaboration. Key achievements included improved data quality, streamlined marketing processes, enhanced email marketing capabilities, and a strong foundation for data-driven marketing strategies.

Conclusion: The successful CRM migration from ACT! to HubSpot by Rolfe Marketing has positioned SafeSmart Access for greater operational efficiency, deeper customer insights, and more effective marketing campaigns. Rolfe Marketing’s strategic approach to project management, data organization, and system integration ensured a seamless transition, empowering SafeSmart Access to leverage the full potential of HubSpot’s CRM platform for sustained business growth.

From ACT! to HubSpot for SafeSmart Access

To seamlessly migrate CRM systems from ACT! to HubSpot, enhancing data management, marketing efficiency, and team collaboration.

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