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SEO Strategy Under 12 Months

Enhancing Web Presence and Lead Generation

Significantly enhance online presence and user engagement in a competitive market for a client in the Temporary Works Solutions and Height Access Equipment industry.

ClientSafeSmart AccessDate2023AuthorThomas RolfeShare

SafeSmart Access, a specialised provider in the niche market of temporary works solutions and height access equipment, sought to elevate its digital footprint amid growing competition and evolving customer expectations.


  • Increasing digital visibility and user interaction.
  • Translating industry expertise into increased online engagement.


  • Customer Insight: Leveraged HubSpot’s advanced metrics and reporting to gain a deep understanding of customer behaviours and preferences.
  • Product Focus: Identified key products that held significant interest for the target audience and concentrated marketing efforts on highlighting these products.
  • Conversion Optimisation: Implemented strategies to improve the rate of conversions from visitors to leads.
  • Comprehensive SEO: Ensured that the client’s website adhered to best practices in SEO, including on-page content optimisation, off-page link building, and technical site improvements.
  • Ad Management: Enhanced the performance of online advertising campaigns to maximise visibility and click-through rates.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Utilised HubSpot’s advanced segmentation techniques to capitalise on the existing customer base and personalise marketing efforts.


  • User growth from 334 to 3,626, illustrating a tenfold increase.
  • Quote submissions grew from 22 to 49 following the implementation of tracking.
  • Click-through rates improved from 0.94% to 2.38%.
  • The site’s average SERP position improved from 32.54 to 27.93.
  • Enquiries through the website forms increased from 10 per week up to 45 by the end of the campaign.
  • During this period, over $1m in revenue was created from new contacts.

Conclusion: Rolfe Marketing’s comprehensive approach resulted in a significant boost in web traffic, user engagement, and lead generation for SafeSmart Access. By focusing on customer insights, product marketing, and SEO best practices, Rolfe Marketing not only stabilised but also enhanced SafeSmart Access’s online presence. The success story is a testament to Rolfe Marketing’s capability to deliver targeted marketing strategies that achieve and exceed client goals, setting a foundation for sustained digital growth.

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