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Unlocking Market Potential with Targeted eBook Marketing Campaign

Penetrate a high-value, difficult-to-access industry by creating and promoting an eBook via a targeted LinkedIn campaign.

ClientRedactedScopeComprehensive eBook creation, including research, writing, and design, followed by a meticulously planned two-month LinkedIn advertising campaign with global reach.Date2024AuthorThomas RolfeShare

A client operating in a high-value, niche industry faced challenges accessing new markets and generating high-quality leads due to the exclusive nature of their target audience. To overcome these barriers, the client partnered with Rolfe Marketing to develop and execute a strategic marketing campaign centred around an insightful eBook tailored to the interests and needs of the industry.

For non-disclosure reasons and to retain their competitive advantage, the industry, client, and revenue figures have been removed for this case study.


  • Creating an eBook that effectively addresses the specific interests and challenges of a hard-to-reach target audience.
  • Designing and executing a LinkedIn advertising campaign that maximises visibility and engagement within a budget, given the platform’s high ad costs.
  • Achieving a significant ROAS by converting eBook downloads into tangible business deals.
  • Expanding the client’s market reach from a national to a global scale.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing’s approach included several strategic elements:

  • eBook Development: Conducted in-depth industry research to produce an eBook that provides valuable insights and solutions to the target audience’s challenges. Collaborated with graphic designers to ensure the eBook’s layout and style were both appealing and reflective of the client’s brand.
  • LinkedIn Campaign Execution: Launched a two-month LinkedIn advertising campaign targeting professionals and decision-makers within the niche industry. The campaign featured rotating ad content to maintain freshness and interest. It was initially launched in Australia before expanding to global markets.
  • Continuous Optimisation: Monitored the campaign’s performance closely, adjusting strategies in real-time to optimise ad spend and increase lead generation efficiency.
  • Market Expansion and ROI Analysis: Expanded the target audience to include global locations, significantly increasing market reach and potential leads. Calculated the ROAS based on the revenue from deals won versus the ad spend, demonstrating the campaign’s financial impact.

Results: The campaign achieved remarkable success, surpassing the client’s objectives:

  • Generated over 100 high-quality leads directly from the LinkedIn platform, significantly exceeding initial expectations.
  • Achieved an unprecedented ROAS of 4283%, demonstrating the campaign’s exceptional efficiency and the high value of the leads generated.
  • Facilitated the client’s successful entry into previously inaccessible markets, both nationally and internationally.
  • The positive outcome and substantial ROI led to the scheduling of more eBook campaigns, marking the beginning of a successful long-term strategy for market expansion and lead generation.

Conclusion: This case study exemplifies the power of strategic content marketing combined with precise targeting and digital advertising to unlock new business opportunities in high-value, niche industries. By leveraging the synergies between valuable content creation and targeted LinkedIn advertising, Rolfe Marketing helped the client achieve significant market penetration, generate an impressive ROAS, and lay the groundwork for continued growth and success in new markets. The campaign not only delivered immediate results in terms of leads and revenue but also established a scalable model for future marketing initiatives.

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