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Corporate Video

Showcasing RSGx's Excellence Through Corporate Video Production

Produce a series of corporate videos within a limited timeframe, showcasing the various facets of RSGx’s business, initiatives, and team, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

ClientResource Services Group (RSGx)Date2022AuthorThomas RolfeVideographerGrant HardwickScopeCorporate video production and post-production, including lower thirds, intro, and outro motion graphics. The project encompassed pre-production planning by the RSGx team.Share

RSGx, a leader in the mechanical and electrical construction and engineering sector, sought to capture the essence of its brand, values, and initiatives through a professional video series. The challenge was to coordinate with a large team within a constrained timeframe effectively and to convey the company’s story compellingly through visual media.


  • Coordinating the production process with a large team and limited availability.
  • Capturing the essence of RSGx’s operations, culture, and initiatives within a 4-hour filming window.
  • Crafting a post-production narrative that seamlessly connects the contributions of various team members to tell the unified story of RSGx.
  • Producing additional social media content to maximise the video series’ reach and impact.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing developed a meticulously planned approach to meet the project’s unique demands:

  • Pre-Production Collaboration: Worked closely with the RSGx team in the pre-production phase to outline the videos’ objectives, key messages, and logistical arrangements to ensure a smooth filming process.
  • Efficient Production Schedule: Organised a 4-hour production window during a managerial meeting, strategically planning the recording to capture essential aspects of the business and its team members without disrupting their schedules.
  • Narrative Development in Post-Production: Employed creative storytelling techniques to interweave individual contributions into a cohesive narrative that highlights RSGx’s initiatives, values, and industry leadership.
  • Motion Graphics Enhancement: Designed and implemented custom lower thirds, intros, and outros to enrich the videos’ visual appeal and professional quality.
  • Social Media Shorts: Produced additional short-form content tailored for social media platforms to extend the videos’ reach and engagement among targeted audiences.

Results: The corporate video production project for RSGx achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • The series of six videos effectively showcased the diverse aspects of RSGx’s business, team, and initiatives, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.
  • The efficient coordination and focused production schedule allowed for high-quality content capture with minimal disruption to RSGx’s operations.
  • Post-production storytelling successfully knits individual perspectives into a compelling narrative of the company’s values, achievements, and vision for the future.
  • Custom motion graphics added a layer of polish and professionalism to the videos, reinforcing RSGx’s brand identity.
  • The production of social media shorts expanded the content’s reach, driving increased engagement and visibility across digital platforms.

Conclusion: The corporate video series produced for RSGx by Rolfe Marketing exemplifies the power of strategic planning, efficient execution, and creative storytelling in corporate communications. Through close collaboration with the RSGx team and meticulous attention to detail in both production and post-production phases, Rolfe Marketing delivered a suite of videos that not only highlight RSGx’s industry leadership but also resonate with audiences across multiple channels. This project underscores the significance of video as a dynamic and engaging medium for corporate storytelling, enhancing brand visibility and engagement in the competitive construction and engineering sector.

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