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Enhancing SafeSmart Access Sales through Integrated EDM and Social Media Campaigns

Drive sales and engagement for SafeSmart Access by implementing integrated Email Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns

ClientSafeSmart AccessScopeDevelopment and execution of EDM campaigns utilising HubSpot workflows and sequences, creative content creation, and rigorous campaign scheduling, alongside targeted social media campaigns to amplify reach and engagement.Date2024AuthorThomas RolfeShare

SafeSmart Access, a premier provider of height access solutions, sought to optimise its digital marketing efforts to support sales objectives more effectively. The company aimed to leverage EDM campaigns, enhanced through precise segmentation and content strategies, to maintain industry-standard open rates and boost engagement through targeted messaging. The integration of these campaigns with social media efforts was also critical to expanding reach and reinforcing marketing messages.


  • Aligning EDM campaigns with the dynamic objectives of the sales team to ensure marketing efforts directly support sales goals.
  • Utilising HubSpot workflows and sequences to automate and optimise the delivery of targeted messages.
  • Creating compelling content, including writing, templating, and graphics, that resonates with different audience segments.
  • Achieving and surpassing industry-average open rates for both mass market communications and hyper-targeted campaigns.
  • Coordinating EDM efforts with social media campaigns to ensure a cohesive and unified marketing approach.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing’s approach encompassed several key strategies:

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: Worked closely with SafeSmart Access’s sales team to align EDM campaigns with sales objectives, ensuring marketing efforts were strategically focused on driving sales outcomes.
  • HubSpot Automation: Leveraged HubSpot’s marketing automation tools to create efficient workflows and sequences, facilitating the delivery of personalised and timely content to various audience segments.
  • Creative Content Development: Produced a range of engaging content for EDM campaigns, from compelling copy and responsive templates to eye-catching graphics, tailored to appeal to targeted audience segments.
  • Segmentation and Targeting: Implemented advanced segmentation techniques to tailor messaging and offers, significantly improving open rates and engagement for hyper-targeted campaigns.
  • Integrated Campaign Scheduling: Established a comprehensive schedule and calendar for EDM and social media campaigns, ensuring consistent engagement and maximising the impact of each marketing effort.

Results: The integrated EDM and social media campaigns delivered impressive results:

  • Maintained consistent industry-average open rates of 20-25% for mass market communications, demonstrating the effectiveness of the content strategy.
  • Hyper-targeted campaigns achieved remarkable open rates of up to 45%, highlighting the success of segmentation and personalised messaging.
  • The strategic integration of EDM campaigns with social media initiatives amplified SafeSmart Access’s marketing messages, leading to increased brand visibility and engagement across platforms.
  • The alignment of marketing campaigns with sales objectives contributed to a noticeable uplift in sales inquiries and conversions, underscoring the value of a cohesive digital marketing strategy.
  • Generated over $450k of opportunities from an existing database of users.

Conclusion: SafeSmart Access’s focused approach to integrating EDM campaigns with strategic social media efforts, underpinned by rigorous planning, segmentation, and content excellence, significantly enhanced its marketing effectiveness and sales outcomes. By aligning closely with sales objectives, leveraging marketing automation tools for targeted messaging, and executing coordinated campaigns across digital channels, Rolfe Marketing demonstrated the power of a unified digital strategy to drive engagement and sales. This case study exemplifies the critical role of integrated marketing communications in achieving business objectives in the competitive construction and height access solutions market.

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