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Multi-channel PPC Advertising

Amplifying SafeSmart Access Sales through Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Enhance SafeSmart Access’s product and service sales through meticulously planned and executed advertising campaigns

ClientSafeSmart AccessDate2023AuthorThomas RolfeScopeDevelopment and implementation of comprehensive advertising campaigns, including PPC strategy formulation, creation of diverse advertising assets, and deployment of hyper-targeted campaigns for various audience segments.Share

SafeSmart Access, a leader in providing innovative height access solutions, aimed to boost its sales and online presence by leveraging paid advertising campaigns. The goal was to create highly targeted campaigns that effectively reach established, returning, new, and location-based audiences, thereby maximising conversions and sales from digital advertising efforts.


  • Developing a strategic approach to PPC that aligns with the campaign goals and budget constraints.
  • Creating a variety of advertising assets, from images and videos to landing pages and copywriting, that resonate with targeted audiences.
  • Implementing hyper-targeted advertising campaigns to precisely reach different audience segments.
  • Ensuring effective conversion and touchpoint tracking to measure and optimise campaign performance.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing employed a strategic, data-driven approach to tackle these challenges:

  • Campaign Strategy and PPC Planning: Initiated with a comprehensive campaign strategy, identifying key products and services for promotion. Detailed PPC planning followed, considering budget allocation and targeting strategies to maximise ROI.
  • Asset Creation: Produced a wide range of creative assets tailored to the campaign’s needs, including engaging images, compelling video content, conversion-optimised landing pages, and persuasive ad copy, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.
  • Hyper-Targeted Campaigns: Deployed hyper-targeted advertising campaigns focusing on established, return, new, and location-based audiences, utilising advanced targeting options provided by platforms like Google Ads and social media channels.
  • Conversion and Touchpoint Tracking: Implemented robust conversion tracking and touchpoint analysis tools to monitor user interactions and campaign effectiveness, enabling ongoing optimisation based on real-time data.

Results: The advertising campaigns yielded exceptional results for SafeSmart Access:

  • Achieved a significant increase in click-through rates and interaction rates, reaching 10%, indicating high engagement with the targeted ads.
  • Cost per Conversion remained impressively low, underscoring the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign strategy and asset quality.
  • Paid advertising emerged as a substantial contributor to SafeSmart Access’s sales, demonstrating the pivotal role of targeted digital advertising in driving business growth.
  • Continuous tracking and optimisation based on conversion and interaction data further refined the campaigns, enhancing their performance over time.

Conclusion: SafeSmart Access’s targeted advertising campaigns represent a textbook example of how strategic planning, creative asset development, and precise audience targeting can work in concert to boost sales and online engagement dramatically. By leveraging PPC avenues, creating resonant advertising assets, and employing advanced targeting and tracking techniques, Rolfe Marketing has not only met but exceeded campaign objectives, driving significant sales growth for SafeSmart Access. This case study underscores the critical importance of a cohesive digital advertising strategy in today’s competitive online marketplace.

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