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Engineering Software Launch

Launching AFOS Software for Allfasteners

Effectively launch Allfasteners’ new AFOS Software, utilising a comprehensive digital marketing strategy .

ClientAllfastenersDate2022AuthorThomas RolfeScopeCreation and distribution of engaging video content, strategic social media marketing, targeted EDM campaigns, and the development of conversion-optimized landing pages.SoftwareAFOSShare

Allfasteners, a leading supplier of fastening solutions, aimed to introduce its innovative AFOS Software to the market. AFOS Software represents a leap forward in fastening technology, designed to streamline and enhance the fastening design process for engineers. The challenge was to generate buzz, educate potential users, and drive software adoption through digital channels.


  • Effectively communicating the unique benefits and features of AFOS Software to a diverse audience.
  • Generating excitement and engagement around the launch across multiple digital platforms.
  • Driving targeted traffic to the software’s landing pages and converting interest into downloads or inquiries.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing devised a multifaceted digital marketing strategy to meet these objectives:

  • Video Content: Produced high-quality, informative, and engaging video content showcasing the features and benefits of AFOS Software. Videos were optimised for both web and social media platforms to reach a broad audience.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Launched targeted social media campaigns across platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. These campaigns highlighted key software features, user testimonials, and special launch promotions to engage with the audience and drive traffic to the landing pages.
  • Email Direct Marketing (EDM): Developed a series of targeted EDM campaigns to Allfasteners’ existing customer base and potential leads. The campaigns included detailed information about AFOS Software, links to video content, and calls-to-action directing recipients to the landing pages.
  • Landing Pages: Designed and developed conversion-optimized landing pages specifically for the AFOS Software launch. These pages featured video content, detailed software information, user benefits, and easy navigation to download or inquire about the software.

Results: The AFOS Software launch campaign achieved remarkable success across all fronts:

  • The video content generated significant engagement, with high view counts and positive feedback on both the website and social media channels.
  • Social media campaigns led to an increase in followers and interactive engagement, including shares, comments, and direct inquiries about AFOS Software.
  • The EDM campaigns achieved above-industry-average open and click-through rates, indicating strong interest in the software.
  • The landing pages saw high traffic volumes, with a notable conversion rate of visits to inquiries and software downloads.

Conclusion: The digital marketing strategy implemented by Rolfe Marketing for the launch of Allfasteners’ AFOS Software was a resounding success. By leveraging a combination of engaging video content, strategic social media marketing, targeted EDMs, and conversion-optimized landing pages, Rolfe Marketing was able to effectively communicate the value of AFOS Software, generate excitement, and drive software adoption. This case study exemplifies Rolfe Marketing’s expertise in executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies that deliver tangible results.

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