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Rural Real Estate Marketing

Ormond Park & Millbank Farm Real Estate Campaigns

Market and sell the Ormond Park and Millbank properties, each approximately 1,400 acres, through a comprehensive 3-4 month marketing campaign.

ClientMakeham Livestock MarketingDate2020AuthorThomas RolfeScopePaid and organic social media, video and photo content creation, dedicated landing pages, print advertising, and listings on third-party real estate platformsShare

Makeham Livestock Marketing, a firm specialising in agricultural properties, aimed to effectively market two large farm estates: Ormond Park and Millbank. Each property presented a unique opportunity for potential buyers, requiring a tailored approach to highlight their respective features and attract the right audience within a competitive real estate market.


  • Effectively communicating the unique value propositions and features of each property to a diverse audience.
  • Engaging potential buyers across a variety of channels to maximise visibility and interest.
  • Generating high-quality leads for the sales team within the campaign period.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing developed a multi-channel marketing strategy to address these challenges and achieve the campaign objectives:

  • Paid Social Media: Implemented targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, focusing on demographics likely to be interested in large agricultural properties.
  • Organic Social Media: Curated engaging content showcasing the beauty and potential of Ormond Park and Millbank, leveraging the natural appeal of the properties through storytelling.
  • Video and Photo Content: Produced high-quality video tours and photo galleries to visually capture the essence of each property, emphasising key selling points and the lifestyle potential of each estate.
  • Landing Pages: Created dedicated landing pages for Ormond Park and Millbank, optimised for conversion, featuring video content, detailed property descriptions, and a clear call to action.
  • Print Advertising: Utilized print advertising in relevant agricultural and real estate publications to reach a traditional audience, complementing the digital strategy.
  • 3rd Party Property Listings: Listed both properties on major real estate platforms such as Commercial Real Estate, Domain, and AgTrader to ensure maximum exposure across the real estate market.

Results: The comprehensive marketing campaign for Ormond Park and Millbank achieved outstanding results:

  • Significant increase in website traffic to the landing pages, with high engagement rates on video and photo content.
  • Successful reach and engagement through paid social campaigns, with thousands of targeted impressions and a high click-through rate to the property listings.
  • Organic social media efforts led to increased brand awareness for Makeham Livestock Marketing and enhanced visibility for the properties.
  • The print advertising and third-party listings complemented the digital efforts, resulting in a broad spectrum of inquiries and interest from potential buyers.
  • Ultimately, the campaign generated a substantial number of high-quality leads, contributing to the successful sale of both properties within the campaign timeframe.

Conclusion: The Ormond Park and Millbank farm real estate campaigns showcased Rolfe Marketing’s ability to execute a dynamic and comprehensive marketing strategy that effectively utilised both digital and traditional channels. By employing a mix of paid and organic social media, visually compelling content, targeted landing pages, and strategic print and online listings, the campaign not only heightened the properties’ market visibility but also attracted qualified buyers, leading to successful sales outcomes. This case study highlights the importance of a diversified marketing approach in the competitive real estate market, demonstrating Rolfe Marketing’s expertise in delivering results through strategic planning and execution.


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