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Product Video Marketing Campaign

Increasing awareness and sales of SafeSmart Access's work platforms

The Work Platforms marketing campaign delivered impressive results over its 4-month duration through digital marketing channels

ClientSafeSmart AccessScopeEngaging organic social media content, targeted EDMs to existing and potential clients, and the production of 8 informative and promotional videos about the work platforms.Date2020AuthorThomas RolfeShare

SafeSmart Access, a leading provider of innovative height access solutions, aimed to bolster the market presence and sales of its work platforms. Recognising the need to connect with a broader audience and showcase the unique benefits of their products, SafeSmart Access embarked on a 4-month marketing campaign.


  • Enhancing product awareness in a competitive market.
  • Engaging with both existing and potential customers through compelling content.
  • Demonstrating the unique features and advantages of SafeSmart Access’s work platforms to encourage purchase decisions.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing implemented a multifaceted strategy to meet these challenges:

  • Organic Social Media: Developed a series of engaging and informative posts for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Content focused on showcasing the features, benefits, and real-world applications of the work platforms, highlighting customer testimonials and case studies.
  • EDMs: Created targeted email marketing campaigns designed to inform and engage SafeSmart Access’s database. The EDMs included product information, video content, and calls-to-action encouraging readers to learn more or make a purchase.
  • Video Production: Produced 8 high-quality videos featuring the work platforms. This included product demonstrations, benefits, user testimonials, and safety features. Videos were distributed across social media, included in EDMs, and featured on the SafeSmart Access website.

Results: The Work Platforms marketing campaign delivered impressive results over its 4-month duration:

  • Significant increase in organic engagement on social media, with notable growth in followers, post engagement, and shares, indicating heightened brand and product awareness.
  • The EDMs achieved above-average open and click-through rates, reflecting high interest levels in the content and products among the recipient base.
  • The video content was highly effective in showcasing the value and applications of the work platforms, resulting in increased website traffic and inquiries. Feedback from viewers highlighted the videos’ role in influencing their purchase decisions.
  • Overall, the campaign generated increased sales inquiries for the work platforms, with customers often citing the educational and engaging nature of the marketing content as a key factor in their engagement.

Conclusion: The Work Platforms marketing campaign by SafeSmart Access successfully leveraged a mix of organic social media, email marketing, and engaging video content to increase product awareness and drive sales. Through strategic content creation and targeted communication, Rolfe Marketing was able to highlight the unique selling points of SafeSmart Access’s work platforms, engaging existing and potential customers alike. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy in enhancing product visibility and fostering customer engagement in the construction and height access industry.

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