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Hilltop Farm Digital Marketing Campaign

Generate interest and inquiries for the Hilltop property, a 193-acre farm estate close to town, through a targeted 1-month marketing campaign

ClientWagga Regional LivestockDate2022AuthorThomas RolfeScopeUtilising paid and organic social media, video and photo content, dedicated landing pages, print advertising, and third-party property listings to maximize exposure and engagement.Share

Wagga Regional Livestock sought to market the Hilltop property, leveraging its proximity to town and the lifestyle potential it offered. Given the campaign’s short duration of 1 month, the strategy needed to be aggressive and highly targeted to quickly attract potential buyers.


  • Creating a high-impact campaign within a limited time frame.
  • Efficiently allocating a small ad budget to achieve maximum reach and engagement.
  • Generating a substantial number of inquiries from interested buyers.

Strategy: Rolfe Marketing crafted a concise, yet comprehensive, marketing strategy that included:

  • Paid Social Media: Launched targeted advertising campaigns on social media platforms, focusing on demographics with a high likelihood of interest in purchasing a farm close to town.
  • Organic Social Media: Leveraged engaging organic content that highlighted the unique selling points of the Hilltop property, including its proximity to urban conveniences and the lifestyle it offered.
  • Video and Photo Content: Created compelling visual content to showcase the property’s features, utilising drone footage for aerial views and detailed photographs to highlight key aspects of the estate.
  • Landing Pages: Developed a conversion-optimized landing page specifically for the Hilltop campaign, featuring rich media content, detailed information about the property, and a straightforward inquiry process.
  • Print Advertising: Employed strategic print ads in relevant local and agricultural publications to reach a broader audience.
  • 3rd Party Property Listings: Ensured the Hilltop property was prominently listed on major real estate platforms like Commercial Real Estate, Domain, and AgTrader, enhancing online visibility.

Drone Videography by Grant Higginson, Cut Above Productions.

Outcomes: The focused marketing efforts led to impressive results within the short campaign period:

  • The small ad spend was maximized to generate over 11,000 clicks, driving significant traffic to the Hilltop landing page.
  • Social media campaigns, both paid and organic, saw high engagement levels, increasing the property’s visibility and interest.
  • The campaign successfully generated 50 inquiries from potential buyers, a substantial achievement given the campaign’s limited timeframe and budget.
  • The combined efforts of digital and print advertising, along with strategic third-party listings, created widespread awareness of the Hilltop property, contributing to the high volume of inquiries and interest.

Conclusion: The Hilltop farm real estate campaign by Wagga Regional Livestock, executed by Rolfe Marketing, demonstrated the power of a targeted, multi-channel marketing approach, even within a constrained budget and timeframe. By effectively leveraging digital platforms, engaging content, and strategic advertising placements, the campaign not only achieved but exceeded its objectives, generating a significant number of inquiries and showcasing the property’s appeal to a wide audience. This case study underscores Rolfe Marketing’s ability to deliver remarkable results through strategic planning, efficient budget management, and creative execution, setting a benchmark for successful real estate marketing campaigns.

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